"...an incredible experience... ... an excellent job... ...highly recommended..." 
 - Syed F. Ali Behzaad 


"...inspirational and filled with great information from the wealth of experience of Robert, Thomas and Marlena - all very knowledgeable and engaging instructors..."
- Abbas Razvi


"...a must for all those who want to get into any process of filmmaking... What makes this course a definite recommend are the faculty... - Sanjay Punjabi


"I really enjoyed the course... It was immensely fulfilling..." - Leke Adewole


"...it was really amazing to be in your classes..."  - Assya Makawi


"Thanks for another great workshop... Thanks to the skills I learned..., I was able to produce, direct, host and edit a TV talk show which was broadcast by INTV in Dubai over a 13-week season. Now I'm working on a screenplay for a feature film. Many thanks Robert, Thomas and Marlena!"  - Bob Edwards

"... Thank you for those amazing 2 days, it was really useful for me, my perception is different now in terms of text analysis, compositions, especially that part of the "director's secrets". - Tarek Abdel Salam

 "It was a fantastic experience. The course has given me lots of insights into movie making..."   - Sabu Kinattuakra

"...absolutely brilliant... absolutely amazing... ... I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in filmmaking...  

- Kinjal Tanna

"Thank you for an excellent course.  It has helped me moving forward with my writing.  Your inspiration and thoughtful comments gave me courage to think of myself as a writer again." - Pam Samandan

"Just got back from Bombay where I met a production company who loved the screenplay and want to make the film... THANK YOU. Your course truly changed my life. I learned so much..." - Priya Pinto

"It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and learning from you... Before I took your course I felt that I was stuck in such a rut with my screenplay, but now I am flamed up and rearing to go again. Thank you, thank you thank you."

- Marlida Ferreira


"...a great experience for me. My sister who has already done a 9 month course from NYFA [New York Film Academy] was shocked as how quickly we have progressed in this one month course... "
- Nazli Siddiqui


"As I am working already in the TV business, I already knew how to shoot and edit news stories. With this course, however, I gained important insights about all aspects of filmmaking..."

- Christiane Buck

"Robert Tutak great teacher, mentor, friend ... he inspired lot of film makers in Dubai. I learned a lot from every session and he brought some of the best Hollywood professionals to teach film makers in Dubai." - Zakir Hussain