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" incredible experience... ... an excellent job... ...highly recommended..." 
 - Syed F. Ali Behzaad 


"[The Film Production Program] was inspirational and filled with great information from the wealth of experience of Robert, Thomas and Marlena - all very knowledgeable and engaging instructors..." 
- Abbas Razvi


"...a must for all those who want to get into any process of filmmaking... What makes this [film production] course a definite recommend are the faculty...
- Sanjay Punjabi


"I really enjoyed the course... It was immensely fulfilling..." - Leke Adewole


" was really amazing to be in your [screenwriting] classes..."  - Assya Makawi


"Thanks for another great film workshop... Thanks to the skills I learned..., I was able to produce, direct, host and edit a TV talk show which was broadcast by INTV in Dubai over a 13-week season. Now I'm working on a screenplay for a feature film. Many thanks Robert, Thomas and Marlena!" 
- Bob Edwards

"... Thank you for those amazing 2 days, it was really useful for me, my perception is different now in terms of text analysis, compositions, especially that part of the "director's secrets".
- Tarek Abdel Salam

"It was a fantastic experience. The course has given me lots of insights into movie making..."  - Sabu Kinattuakra

"I still remember your great screenwriting course in Dubai."
- Berit Paton Reid

Thank you. Todays class was very effective. Indeed your teaching method is full of passion and knowledge."
Aizaz Leghari

"[The Film Production Program] was absolutely brilliant... absolutely amazing... ... I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in filmmaking...  - Kinjal Tanna

"Thank you for an excellent screenwriting course.  It has helped me moving forward with my writing.  Your inspiration and thoughtful comments gave me courage to think of myself as a writer again." - Pam Samandan

"Just got back from Bombay where I met a production company who loved the screenplay and want to make the film... THANK YOU. Your screenwriting course truly changed my life. I learned so much..." - Priya Pinto

"It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and learning from you... Before I took your screenwriting course I felt that I was stuck in such a rut with my screenplay, but now I am flamed up and rearing to go again. Thank you, thank you thank you." - Marlida Ferreira


"...a great experience for me. My sister who has already done a 9 month course from NYFA [New York Film Academy] was shocked as how quickly we have progressed in this one month film production course... " - Nazli Siddiqui


"As I am working already in the TV business, I already knew how to shoot and edit news stories. With this film production course, however, I gained important insights about all aspects of filmmaking..." - Christiane Buck

"Robert Tutak great teacher, mentor, friend ... he inspired lot of film makers in Dubai. I learned a lot from every session and he brought some of the best Hollywood professionals to teach film makers in Dubai."
- Zakir Hussain

"I would really want to thank you for all of your effort and positive energy that will help to enhance the Cinema Scene in the UAE.
Yasser Ali AlGergawi, United Arab Emirates Ministry of Culture & Knowledge Development

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