CINEMTOGRAPHY (One on One) Date and Hours: TBD , INSTRUCTOR: YANN SEWERYN INSTRUCTOR LOCATION: PARIS, FRANCELOCATION: Online via ZOOM and MFA private serverWorkshop Date: TBD Meeting time: Instructor will accommodate with best time for both parties living in different time zones.Class meets two (2) days: (4) hours per day: 14:00 - 18:00 PLUS two (2) optional film screenings: 12:00 - 14:00 each day REQUIRED: viewing of three films before the class session. The films are screened online before the class sessions free of charge. They are also available online (additional fee applies) for home viewning. SYLLABUS: digital cinematography: tools, techniques, and workflow types of cameras​ & camera sensors camera set-up & operations frame rates & aspect ratios lenses lighting instruments and gear lighting terminology exposure color & aspects of lighting: • hard & soft light • motivated light • direction, intensity, texture • lighting practicals • lighting through window • using available lighting basic lighting techniques & setups hands-on lighting exercises: three-point lighting (key, fill, back) grammar of the film language: • image sizes and distances • frame composition (in-deph vs. flat) • 180-degree rule • types of camera movements• master shot with covering angles visual styles working with the director on pre-vizualisation FILM RODUCTION 1Working with film directors on the production of a short non-dialogue scene.


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